How To Host The Perfect Summer Garden Party

How To Host The Perfect Summer Garden Party

Summer is fast approaching, and with the warmer weather on the horizon, not only will you start being invited to garden parties, but it will also be time to host your own. It can be so stressful to make sure everything is sorted and perfect for your garden party, so we wanted to give you a list of everything you will need to make sure your garden party is a massive success. 


Lighting can completely change the mood for any event. Get lots of fairy lights and solar lights and make sure you dot them around in an orderly fashion. Having lots of lighting will set the mood and be perfect for a garden party that runs late into the evening.

Having Enough Seating

You definitely do not want to run into the awkward situation of not having enough seats for your guests. Thats where TiiPii comes in. You will want your guests to be comfortable and relaxed, and sitting in an upright chair during the course of a party is not what your friends and family will want after a week in the office. Invest in some of our gorgeous TiiPii beds, which are extremely easy to assemble and will add the perfect touch to any party. Make sure you decorate with lots of cushions to make the beds even more aesthetic, cosy and comfortable for all them garden party selfies and for your guests to lay back in and enjoy.

Offer Shade

Not everyone is going to want to be in the sun, so it is important to give your guests the opportunity to hide away in the shade. Adding the TiiPii Poncho cover to your bed is the perfect way to offer shade for your guests without them having to go and sit away from the main party in a corner to hide from the sun. The poncho cover is also a great way to keep the chill off if there is a breeze in the air.


When guests are going to a garden party, one of the main things that will be on their mind is food. Offering tapas style food where everyone can help themselves to the bits they want is a great way to please everyone at the party and ensures there are plenty of food options for all guests and ages.

Party Favours

A great way to end the night is giving your guests a little goodie to take home. Getting some small favours to hand out at the end of the night can add a lovely touch to the event, or even if you have a lot of deserts left over, a great way to avoid waste is to wrap up some cakes and send each of your guests home with a sweet treat.