Life Is A Festival

Life Is A Festival

With festival season fast approaching, it will soon be time to pack your bags, get your tents ready and outfits sorted ahead of the weekend spent camping in fields and listening to music with thousands of other people. Although it may seem relatively straight-forward, camping is not the most glamorous of activities and a lot can go wrong during your weekends away. With basic preparation and packing appropriately, you can turn this experience into something a lot more luxurious and fun.

Making sure you pack the necessities is fundamental for a good weekend. Having a good quality tent that will keep you dry incase of rain and withhold any surprise weather whilst still being airy is essential. Since you will be camping for at least a night with a host of belongings inside, you want to ensure your tent will hold up throughout the duration of the weekend. 

Along with this also goes a good sleeping bag, one that will keep your body temperature regulated and also has enough padding so you are able to get cosy and sleep well. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable and not sleeping all night as you will just be tired for the rest of your weekend.

In order to have a stress free weekend, arrive as early as possible to the festival in order to have first dips on the best campsites. You want to be away from the toilets and main crowds so you can sleep at night without being by all the noise and trouble. 

If you want to turn your weekend of camping into something a little more luxurious, getting comfortable furniture to relax in is key. The TiiPii Bed offers comfort, style and relaxation, whilst also being aesthetic to the eye, making it the perfect place for an Instagram shot. The TiiPii Bed can be put together in 10-15 minutes, making it the perfect festival piece, easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. Weighing only 5-7 kg, the TiiPii Bed is also extremely easy to transport and take with you on your weekends away. The TiiPii Bed is great to add that bit of luxury to your weekend away and turn a weekend sleeping on the dirt into something fun for all your friends to enjoy.

Another way to make your festival weekend that bit more organised and luxurious is to bring your own food. Food at campsites is not always the tastiest or best made, so bringing a few meals and snacks with you can make your weekend.

Festival weekends can be incredibly fun and luxurious if you are properly prepared for the weekend, so get all your bits sorted nice and early so you can have a great weekend in the sunshine.