About our Classic Range

Shop our comfortable and machine washable poly-cotton daybed range

Classic, Large

Perfect for the whole family at 1.8m wide, our large daybed comfortably holds 3-4 people.

Generously supporting up to 250kg and made with breathable, soft-to-touch poly-cotton canvas that is anti mould, anti-UV and machine washable.

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Classic, Medium

The 1.5m Medium option is perfect for couples, smaller families or for those with a little less space.Ideal for 2-3 people, our Medium daybed is a great size to suspend freely from a tree branch or beam.

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Available in a range of Earth-inspired colours

Fun for the whole family

Room for everyone

Our Classic 1,8m TiiPii Bed is the perfect size to entertain or relax in style, comfortably supporting 3-4 people

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Packable & transportable

Minimum storage, maximum fun

All of our beds, stands and covers pack down into convenient canvas travel bags, allowing you to experience adventure anywhere

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Designed with quality materials

Indoor and light outdoor use

Our products are made with quality, sustainable materials. Enjoy our Classic range indoors and the occasional outdoor use

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Set up in style

Portable and versatile

Our daybeds can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Hang from a safe ceiling structure, brand or beam - or from one our beautiful tripod stands

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Poncho Covers

Enjoy luxury lounging with our Poncho Covers. Perfect for indoor/outdoor fun, 'glamping' or creating a snug indoor teepee tent!

Featuring windows that can be tied back or zipped closed, and a netting layer to keep pesky bugs out.

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Classic Tripod Stand

Our white powder-coated steel stand is elegantly designed for hanging our Classic TiiPii beds, of any size!

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