Our Deluxe Outdoor Entertainer is commercial quality and perfect for continuous entertaining or relaxing outside this summer. 


Australian summers are spent relaxing in the backyard, having a BBQ, lying by the pool, on the deck or lounging on the rooftop.

It's a time we spend relaxing and connecting with loved ones, friends and family, while enjoying the natural beauty of this great land.

With this understanding we have designed our luxurious and durable Summer Deluxe Range. A superior quality Floating Daybed & Bundle to extend and enhance your summer lifestyle.

We love them, our tribe love them and we know you will too...

Assembled easily by 1-2 people in 10 mins

Lightweight and transportable, in a carry bag

Weather, water mould and UV resistant

Durable, super strong & machine washable

Loving our TiiPii Bed

"Loving our TiiPii Bed. It’s the most relaxing & calming experience. I have been spending quite a bit of time floating in it. We got the bed, stand & poncho cover. All very well made & I think it’s been a very good investment.
Also ordered it & it was delivered within 3 days, so super fast!"

Matthew Stewart Trustpilot


Luxurious - Durable - Value Packed

Designed specifically to withstand the harsher elements you can be assured our Deluxe Entertainer will be ready to enjoy anytime you are.

Imagine experiencing an endless Summer, where you can continue to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities all year round!

It is an ideal backyard entertainer, rooftop floating daybed, patio swing lounge whose applications are only limited by your imagination.

Australian summers are spent relaxing in the backyard with family and friends, having a BBQ, or lying by the pool, on the deck or lounging on the rooftop.

With this understanding we have designed our luxurious and durable Summer Deluxe Range. A superior quality Floating Daybed & Bundles to extend your summer lifestyle.

 Made from Sunbrella Fabric  and combined with our bronzed STAND and/or all weather PONCHO, our value packed bundle will provide both beauty and comfort this summer.

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So soon you will be enjoying all the luxury, style and year round outdoor use with our TiiPii Bed Deluxe Summer Bundle and SAVE...

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What Our Customer Say...

"The TiiPii was easy to set up and use,
My son got straight in and after that I did not get a chance to have a go.
He actually stayed inside it for hours."

Rick Morley  Trust Pilot


See what is in our value packed deluxe bundles...

Our Deluxe Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella was founded on a belief that fabrics should be beautiful & functional.

An elite fabric that is perfect for both domestic and commercial use, and is able to withstand the demanding requirements of weather, year round.

Not only is it a machine washable fabric, but given the nature of the acrylic Sunbrella fabric, it can also be simply wiped over to clean.

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Luxurious - Durable - Stylish

The 1.8m Deluxe is the elite TiiPii that’s perfect for all year round outdoor use or commercial specifications.

Comfortably accommodating 3-4 adults and made from a ‘Sunbrella’ acrylic material so it’s durable enough to cope with heavier use and provides easy maintenance, and if needed, can be machine washed.

 This is the TiiPii of choice for beside the pool, beach or indeed rooftop sun lounging, as the refined synthetic material provides the same relaxing feeling of a sun lounger.

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" I just wanted to thank April at TiiPii Bed, her customer service was impeccable. I love my TiiPii bed so much that i may stay in it forever. Thanks again April."

Sally Robson FB Page


Compact - Transportable

The opulent finish of the Deluxe Bronzed TiiPii Stand not only adds to the overall style of the unit, but also provides unsurpassed strength, rust resilience & durability due to the premium '316 stainless steel' structure.

The design artfully embodies the conical shape and portable structure of a traditional teepee and is perfectly suited to all outdoor elements and commercial uses.

Standing at 2.5m tall and requiring a floor space of 2.5m x 2.5m, the deluxe stand is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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"I love my TiiPii Bed + frame, it is a good quality product. I recently ordered the rain cover as well. Great communication about the estimated shipping date. I enjoy my TiiPii Bed in my backyard during sunny days (I can lie straight in it, it is more comfy than a hammock and it can hold at least 2 people), in the evening I put the rain cover on the TiiPii Bed and still enjoy the outside, sheltered from wind or light rain. The cover also protects my TiiPii Bed from bad weather and from dew at night. After the summer I can disassemble it and put everything in neat bags that come with the product."

Arnella de Pree FB Page

Our All Weather Poncho

Convenient - Flexible

Easily attached to the top of the TiiPii bed in minutes, it provides protection from inclement weather when set up outside for prolonged periods of time 

Perfect for glamping, festivals and pop up events, it allows the freedom to leave all interior accessories like cushions and throws inside, simply unzip and enjoy.

The All Weather Poncho Cover can also be creatively used to turn the hanging daybed into a cosy floating teepee tent, so it can be enjoyed -or camped inside-anytime.

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At between 7.5-9 kgs, the Deluxe models provide the great option of packing up into a 70 cm bag to be easily stored away or transported wherever you choose. Whether that be to the park, a friends house, camping, the beach, or even away on holiday!