Get To Know TiiPii

Get To Know TiiPii

TiiPii is a luxurious portable floating daybed that provides a unique relaxing space for friends, family and children. Authentic in Australian style with its clever yet minimalist design, TiiPii is beautifully suited as much to the indoors as it is to the out…And utterly perfect for both private & commercial uses alike.

Featuring a whole range of TiiPii Bed sizes, TiiPii Stands, Rain & Shade Covers and accessories, there are a wide variety of products available within our ever-growing range to ensure a TiiPii can be set up with minimal effort for maximum enjoyment anywhere, anytime.

 TiiPii as a brand has been evolving for over 8 years, and has been selling on personal web platforms for over 3 years. An Australian company that came about because of the love of the outdoors, TiiPii is a brand that has been made to inspire men and women alike to get outside in nature.

There are three ranges within the TiiPii brand, all suited and designed for different audiences to ensure there is something for everyone. These are the Bambino, Classic and Deluxe collections. The Bambino range was created purely for children, for them to enjoy the magic of a TiiPii in a space just for them. The Classic range, perfect for domestic use and available in a variety of sizes and colours. Finally, the Deluxe range. The most luxurious of all the ranges, the Deluxe range is perfect for both commercial and domestic use alike. Made from 'sunbrella' fabric, the Deluxe range has been designed to survive outside year round regardless of the weather, making it perfect for hotels, companies, or even families who want a stress free garden piece.

The TiiPii has so many incredible features. What makes the TiiPii unique is it is suitable for both adults and children, as well as domestic and commercial settings, designed to fit both indoor and outdoor spaces. This makes the TiiPii perfect for worldwide use as it can be used in various settings dependent on your preference and the different seasons. Each TiiPii comes with a complimentary ambient net for added cosiness.

The TiiPii is also weather, mould and UV resistant, making it durable and long wearing in a variety of weather conditions, and dependent on which model you go for, can be left out all year round. All products are strong, durable and machine washable, meaning cleaning your TiiPii could not be easier. 

The TiiPii is not only lightweight and transportable, but also extremely easy to assemble, making it perfect to take on travels and also pack down when it is not in use. TiiPii are extremely passionate about the brand being sustainable and safe, as well as environmentally friendly and strong ethical practises. This means not only will you be receiving an extremely high quality product, but with reassurance that it has been sourced ethically and responsibly.