Dressing Your TiiPii

Dressing Your TiiPii

Once you get your TiiPii and put it together, now is the time you get to have fun with it. Dependent on the time of year and your personal style, there are so many different pillows and accessories you can put on your TiiPii to give it a fun and completely different look. If you aren't sure how to dress your TiiPii for it to look its best, or just feeling uninspired, keep reading, as we will be giving you lots of inspirations and ideas for how to dress your TiiPii.

Beach vibe:

With summer here, now is the perfect time to get your TiiPii packed up and take it down to the beach, to spend afternoons relaxing in luxury whilst listening to the sound of the ocean. When taking your TiiPii to the beach, opt for soothing tones that perfectly match the surroundings. Pillows with hints of yellow or blue will always look perfect with the background and work perfectly for them all important Instagram shots. If you are dressing your TiiPii for the beach, avoid any heavy throws or blankets which could get you hot, instead, opt for lightweight, practical yet stylish accessories.

Home dressing:

Dressing your TiiPii for your home environment is going to be dependent on your personal taste and style, to ensure it best fits your current interior. Choose blankets, cushions and throws that match the colour palette of the room, adding one or two pillows as accent colours as decided. Although the colour palette will vary on your own taste, for internal use, lots of blankets and throws will make your TiiPii feel a lot more cosy and welcoming, perfect for jumping into after a long day at work.

Garden Decor:

Dressing your TiiPii to fit within a garden setting will again be a time for you to experiment with colours, fabrics and layouts in order to find something that works in your space. If you are into a lot of colour, now is the time to experiment and go all out. Lots of pillows, cushions and throws on your TiiPii will give it that homely feel and make any visitor want to jump straight in. If you are keeping your TiiPii outside, purchasing the poncho weather cover will be ideal to protect your belongings from any surprise weather.

Children's Room:

If you are purchasing a TiiPii for your kid's bedroom, experiment with their favourite colours and bedroom theme to create a TiiPii Bed that is exciting, inviting and fun, where their imaginations can get carried away. We recommend purchasing a wigwam cover to go with the Bambino TiiPii, to add the finishing touch to their hideaway. Purchase some cute colourful and soft cushions that will not only add a beautiful aesthetic to your kid's room but be fun for them when they are relaxing in their TiiPii.