TiiPii Bed x The Goodtime Hotel: A match made in heaven

TiiPii Bed x The Goodtime Hotel: A match made in heaven

Pharrell Williams is never one to settle for boring. Located near the stunning Miami coastline, his new hotel - The Goodtime Hotel - isn’t like any other hotel you’ve been to. Pharrell and his business partner, David Grutman, set out to create a hotel that promoted mind, body and soul wellbeing - it’s safe to say they succeeded. The best part? TiiPii Bed and The Goodtime Hotel are teaming up!

For a place intent on supplying endless good vibes, we couldn’t be happier that The Goodtime Hotel and TiiPii Bed are joining forces. To celebrate, we’ve created a totally unique pattern for our exclusive Goodtime TiiPii Bed poncho cover, which takes all our free-spirit, free-mind ethos and blends it with the unique Goodtime design. Whether you’re chilling by the hotel pool or having a few beers with some new friends, make sure you get down early and grab one of these special TiiPii Beds.

Our goal when making TiiPii Bed was to give you a space to both enjoy with friends and escape from the stresses of day-to-day life. The Goodtime Hotel isn’t any different. The new building has over 266 rooms and evokes a deliberately escapist atmosphere thanks to the stunning Art Deco aesthetic. With over 100,000 square feet of public space, there’s no doubt that work will feel miles away. The hotel also manages to find the perfect balance between old and new, expertly blending contemporary charm with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

The hotel itself is located in one of the most gorgeous parts of Miami, a historic section of South Beach on Washington Avenue. This street was once an iconic area and hotbed of culture but lost its appeal over the last few decades. The opportunity to revive and revitalise the classic neighborhood was too tempting to turn down for Pharrell and co. When speaking to Forbes, Pharrell said “We knew we had an opportunity to bring something new and unique to the neighborhood, and we didn’t want to lose sight of that for anything - not even the pandemic.”

It’s safe to say that TiiPii Bed is all about this desire for something new and unique. Our beds are made from the highest quality materials, intentionally designed to help you drift away to another world (and that’s without mentioning their effortlessly sleek style). Watching a golden sunset, sipping on a cocktail and sinking into our exclusive Tiipii Bed - does life get any more blissful?

No matter where you come from, who you are or your beliefs, The Goodtime Hotel is a place for every type of person looking for a break in sunny Miami. For us, teaming up with the hotel is a dream come true. Find your rhythm with TiiPii Bed and The Goodtime Hotel - a match made in heaven.