Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

Whether you are getting ready to jet off to a luxury destination abroad, or enjoy some beaches close to home, you will still need a few accessories to take with you on your adventure.
Though you probably know to pack the essentials, like suncream, a towel and water, there are some other essentials and also fun ideas which you can forget to take with you! 

A Beach hat

There is nothing worse than being stuck on a boiling beach and having no protection for your face. Protecting your skin from the strong sun rays is extremely important, so bringing along a hat to cover up in the heat of the day is definitely essential.


Cool bag for food

A great way to save money and ensure everyone with you will have something to eat, bringing lunch along is a fun way to picnic together. Just make sure to pack it in a cool bag so it stays nice and chilled for as long as possible.


Comfortable lounging accessories 

There is nothing worse than having to lie on the sand all day long, and thats where TiiPii comes in. Born out of a desire to inspire luxurious enjoyment & relaxation of your outdoor spaces, TiiPii was made to ensure everyone can add a bit of luxury to their day to day life. Perfect for that all important Instagram shot or relaxing with friends, getting yourself a TiiPii bed to take along to the beach really will be that little luxury for your summer adventure.


Speaker or headphones

Having some entertainment on the beach is extremely important. Bringing along some headphones or a speaker to enjoy music really will make your day extra fun.